After I receive the PRINT, how do I frame Asian art?

Here is step-by-step guide: framing Asian artwork.

About White Edges

  1. Many of our prints are with white silk edges, if you like you can directly cover a frame, and the default size of the white edge is based on the horizontal or vertical and the size of the picture. According to tradition, horizontal left and right white more, lower and lower white less, vertical upper and lower white more, left and right white less. If you want to create your own ideas, cut the white silk edges to your own needs, press the paper on the top or change it yourself.
  2. If you want your favourite artwork to be framed by Chinese scrolls, then our print's backing paper can be sprayed with water and then unframed. Please spray the image with a clean bottle to wet it and remove it with your hands, and you can proceed to re-framing.

About Surface Treatment

  1. Rice paper is directly exposed. We use 100 years of non-fading professional art micro-jet technology, and thousands of years of Asian traditions will be directly displayed on rice paper. You can enjoy the works more intuitively and with a sense of Zen without the reflection of the glass.
  2. Of course, if you want to better protect your works, you can add acrylic after framing.

1- Framed Mounting

You can go to your local framing shop, according to your space style and color matching, choose a suitable frame, put the painting together with a white silk edge, plus glass or acrylic, and you're done.

The choice of frame can be a simple wooden frame or a complex European frame; you can create your own ideas, with different styles.

Traditional Asian artworks generally have more white space on the top and less white space on the bottom. Of course, you can cut them as you like, or add cardboard to hold them down.

If you do not like reflection don’t use glass or acrylic, but it protects artwork from dirt. In traditional Asian paintings, the rice paper works are directly exposed. With the advancement in technology, the new production of colors has a long-lasting and high degree of simulation. 

2- Frameless Mounting

You can also paste the painting directly on a thick wooden board, and wrap a white silk edge to the side. Of course, you need a local expert who knows how to do this kind of framing to get framed Asian art.

3- Traditional Chinese Painting Mounting

All of our best Asian artworks are framable, spray water on the piece and slowly and gently unframe the heart of the painting. Find a local processing point that can do Chinese scrolls, Chinese framing.

The following forms can be described below:

  • Two-color framing 
  • One-color framing

In short, there is no limit to the forms of framing for famous Asian arts and calligraphy, so feel free to play according to your style.

“From ancient times to the present, we have selected excellent Asian artists to show you excellent artworks. You can see that art can fit different spaces and bring more harmony."

ARTasia team