All of our prints and murals are made to order, and it takes about 3-5 working days to complete the order. If the single order quantity is relatively large, such as more than 20 pieces, the completion time may be delayed. Please email us for details. 


We ship to major countries in Europe, North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. However, some countries do not support the purchase.

Countries and regions currently supporting transportation:

  • Asia: Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, UAE
  • Europe:Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain
  • North America: Canada, United States
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand 

Approximate shipping time is as follows (this does not include prints production time)

Deliver to Standant  DHL / FedEX
Europe 20-30days 7-10days
North America 20-30days 7-10days
Asia 5-10days  
Oceania 20-30days 7-10days


On the checkout page, our shipping costs usually have standard and fast options. You can choose the shipping method you need. Of course, the big-name courier companies usually pay relatively high shipping costs.

The final shipping cost will be settled according to the weight of the product and displayed in the checkout page.

There are many factors that affect international transportation, but the customs inspection time is one of the biggest unknown variables and may vary greatly. This is why we redouble our efforts to ensure that all our products are carefully packaged, with clear labels and accurate import markings, so as to ensure that most countries/regions clear our products within a few days.

In the unlikely event that your package is subject to any import fees, taxes, duties, or duties, you (the consumer) will pay these fees and these fees are not included in the purchase price. Although it is extremely rare for any of our shipments to be assessed for these costs, we recommend that you refer to the laws and regulations of the destination country for more information.

Please note there will be no refunds for delayed items beyond our control.

After completing your order, we are 100% committed to delivering your artwork to the express delivery department as soon as possible, but the express delivery department and customs delays are beyond our control. If there is any delay in your parcel, we appreciate your patience.

Our responsibility for your product ends at the first delivery attempt.

If you do not enter the correct shipping address, or the shipping carrier is unable to deliver the goods for any other reason, we will not issue a refund.

If your package is stolen, if you refuse to deliver or neglect to pick up the package held by your carrier, we will not be liable.


Orders of unframed print will typically ship in a tri-tube box. Our custom tri-tube box has been proved to out perform other types of packaging and is lighter as well. Prints are always rolled unless orders require palletizing and then prints are shipped flat. If you require prints to ship flat, please let us know and there may be an additional charge.

Mural orders are typically packed in a box.

Larger quantity orders are typically packed in a wooden box.