>Do you ship overseas?

We ship to major countries in Europe, North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. However, some countries do not support the purchase; please check our shipping policy for details.

>How long will it take to get my order?

It depends on where you are. Orders processed here will take 3-5 business days; please check our shipping policy for details.

>What shipping carriers do you use?

On the checkout page, our shipping costs usually have standard and fast options. You can choose the shipping method you need. Of course, the big-name courier companies usually pay relatively high shipping costs; please check our shipping policy for details.



>Can I return my product?

Note: All of our prints and murals are made to order. So please choose carefully as refunds are not provided where you have simply changed your mind or made a wrong selection.

If your mural and print arrives damaged, faulty, or if you receive an incorrect order, please send photographs of the entire product, as well as photos depicting the damaged or faulty areas, as well as any damaged packaging along with a brief description of the issue to art@artasia.co. We will provide solutions based on our judgment.

>Can I get the mural or prints personalized?

We support custom wall mural, We do not support customization for prints now. If your volume is relatively large, you can send email to art@artasia.co, thanks.

>Can I wholesale the murals and prints?

We offer custom solutions for hotel hospitality, interior designers, e-commerce sites and major retailers. Please contact us at art@artasia.co


Installation and frame

>How to frame rice paper print?

You can refer to our blog post:

>How to install wallmural on the wall?

The wall murals are non-pasted. So glue is needed to apply wallpaper. Professional installation recommended. For more information please refer to the product page.


Care and Maintenance

>How long will my print last?

If you hang your print away from direct sunlight and keep it away from moisture and dust, your print will last for years and look as stunning as it did on day one. Museum-quality print colors can last for a hundred years.

>I've never owned a ricepaper print before – how do I clean it?

Don't use any sort of cleaning liquid or compound, ever. A static-electricity dusting cloth can be used with a light motion, or a vacuum with a brush attachment can be used gently to remove dust.

>What should I do if the rice paper print is accidentally creases or wrinkled?

You can spray a little water on the rice paper and use an electric iron to smooth out the wrinkles.

>Is the wall murals easy to clean?

In general, our wallpaper is anti-fouling, if there are stains, you can use a sponge or cloth to add some dry cleaner to clean.